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[COMMENT]Many Malaysians have sex before reaching 20

Many Malaysians have sex before reaching 20

By : Annie Freeda Cruez

NST, 27th Oct 2007

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian youth are involved in sexual activities before the age of 20.

A national study in 2004 involving 18,805 people (10,718 females and 8,087 males) revealed that the median age they had sex for the first time was 23.

The majority of the study group was Malay (56.4 per cent) followed by Chinese (20.6 per cent) and Indian (11.2 per cent). Out of the 18,805, the majority (72.8 per cent) was married.

Male respondents confessed to experiencing sex at the minimum age of 10 and median age of 22 and females at 12 and 24 respectively.

The overall median age of marriage was 23 — Chinese (25 years), Indians (23 years), Malays (22 years), Sabah Bumiputera (21 years) and Sarawak (20 years).
Professor Dr Lekhraj Rampal of the Department of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Universiti Putra Malaysia said: “What is of concern is the fact that among the 13,971 respondents who had experienced sex, 38.2 per cent said they had sex before the age of 20.”

The age factor, he said, clearly indicated that those who had sex early were college students and young workers.

“Malaysians are now becoming very open when it comes to talking about sex. The unmarried and married talk about sex and it’s time sex education be given emphasis and the public made aware of healthy sexual behaviour, including using condoms to protect against unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.”

He said as much as religion and culture encouraged sex after marriage, it could not be denied that younger people engaged in sexual activity.

Sexual behaviour, he added, was any action that allowed the expression of one’s feelings, including holding hands and kissing as well as masturbation and penetrative intercourse (per vagina or anal).

He said healthy sexual behaviours were consensual, non-exploitive and honest, and included actions that protected against unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Presenting a paper on “Sexual Practice in Malaysia” at the two-day conference on Sexuality in Medicine, organised by Universiti Putra Malaysia and the Malaysian Healthy Aging Society at UPM, Dr Rampal warned young Malaysians to be cautious when indulging in sex with unknown partners.

“The person, be it man or woman, may look healthy and sexy but you do not know whether he is a HIV victim or suffering from venereal disease or sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Get a blood test done to ascertain if he/she is free from STD or use a condom.”

Dr Rampal gave this warning because in a survey done to find out how much people knew about HIV and its transmission, the majority of the respondents could not give the right answers to many of the questions.

Dr Rampal also stressed that there was a need to educate the young not to fall victim to non-consensual sexual experiences.

“It covers a continuum of behaviours ranging from unwanted verbal advances and unwanted touch to assault and forced sex as well as sex in exchange for money, gifts, food or protection,” he added.

As for married couples, Dr Rampal said it was important for them to understand how the body works.


shocking as it seems but this news is not new to us, a survey done in an educational institute revealed that only one out of more than 800 female students is virgin. It has become somewhat a norm as stated in this article…

As a muslim, we cannot deny the fact that it is totally and truly a sin, a BIG sin to have sex before marriage. However, the fact that Muslim youth nowadays ignore the way of Islam and mostly engage in the way away from Islam such as the so-called Western style, or US style or whatever that is totally against Islam make Muslims today as not a true Muslim.

It is quite understandable why most of the reverts prefer not talking about the attitude and akhlak of Muslims nowadays as they find the Nur of Islam not after seeing the way the Muslims behave. It is a fact that quite a majority of the reverts embrace Islam after a thorough research. We, as Muslims should be ashamed of ourselves!!

The fact that this article support Sex education is the proof that the government has not had a successful way of handling this whole situation. As a Muslim, I personally believe that we have to actually try to implement the way of Islam, understands the whole basics of Islam and not practice Islam, part ways. Muslims should always be confident that Islam is the answer to all problems…

It is time we cut out all the hedonism based activities and focus on nurturing the younger ones of values of Islam, make them proud to be true MUSLIMS, make them want to follow the footsteps of Rasulullah s.a.w. and his sahabahs. Put a full stop to concerts, TV reality programmes such as Akademi Fantasia, Bintang Kecil etc.

May ALLAH shows us the right way and guide us to Jannah…



  1. most of us don’t really undestand what is ISlam. some of us may influenced by ‘islam liberal’ or femenisme organisation which can cause major damage to our community.
    i suggest to all muslim plez read and undertand one little book wrote by Ust Fathi Yakan “apa Erti Saya Mengganut Islam”
    InsyaAllah we can learn the basic of Islam

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